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The curriculum reflects the Christian foundation of the school and is rooted in the conviction of its founder, David Kariithi as a seasoned school administrator for he recognized that not only should ‘the wants the age’ be met but also that the pupils be educated for the future. He believed they must have a breadth and depth of opportunity. The curriculums offered to pupils is wide and all subjects that make up the curriculum are held in equal value. The school follows the 8;4;4 education system

Our curriculum offer ensures that the individual needs of each child are met. It both challenges the most able and supports the learning of those with specific learning needs. Provision is made to ensure that the curriculum is accessible to all and especially to those with any learning difficulties. Our English department provides the teaching of English for those pupils assessed on entry to require this specific tuition, whilst the learning support department draws up individual education plans and distributes these to all subjects’ teachers, as appropriate for those identified as having a specific learning need. The learning support department manages the slow learners while still managing the fast learners and the parent is continuously consulted. Within each subject all pupils should achieve their full potential with continuity and of learning being maintained throughout.
Our current curriculum under the 8.4.4 system of education falls in to three stages.

 school prayers day Allsaints Kianyaga Academy - lower primary pupils
 Hon.Martha Karua during a school prayers day Allsaints Kianyaga Academy - lower primary pupils at play

In year 3 to year 5 (pre school), basic skills of literacy and numeracy are developed, New Areas of learning are introduced and the horizons widened as the children grow. Thus throughout year 3 to year 5 the pupils study English, Mathematics, Science, Religious studies, Drama and Music. The languages of instructions are both English and Kiswahili. Kiswahili is considered as a mother tongue. This creates a broad firm foundation for the lower primary classes 1-4 whose core subjects  include English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Science, Social studies and Religious education. These pupils follow a balanced curriculum. This is supplemented by mandatory physical education. In STD 4 computer literacy is introduced as an additional subject to hone the skills needed for study at a higher level.

At STD 5 to STD 8 [upper primary];  Breadth and depth continue to be the guiding principles with flexible Remedial courses designed from the wide range of subjects offered. It is usual to run tests in around any lower class to capture concept not earlier taught. The core 8-4-4 course can be supplemented by attending the extended project qualification which is done during the holidays.
Through out the curriculum provided,  there is a significant amount of physical education where team sports can be enjoyed and individual fitness understood and developed. At all stages, strong pastoral curriculum support and learning allows for the preparation of pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of secondary school life. The life skills programme also provides for health education and appropriate personal and social development alongside our motto “strong to server – actions not words’’ programme. A career programme is delivered at key points to motivate all pupils to achieve higher grades. A large range of extra curricular activities is an important complement to the more formal curriculum that provides opportunity to extend learning in areas like the languages with debating and drama and an introduction to music. The curriculum offered is reviewed regularly and adjusted as appropriate, to meet changing needs and requirements, both internal and external.
To complement class work all classes engage in regular field trips and tours to comprehend the real world as a classroom..



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All new pupils who wish to join All Saints Kianyaga can visit the school or call to book for interviews as from 4th November 2018.

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